Xiaoyan LIU


Ultrasound Physician








Dr. Liu received her medical degree from Qingdao University Medical College in 2004. In 2007, she completed her residency in medical imaging in Zibo Central Hospital, where she rotated through imaging and clinical wards and developed expertise in managing ultrasound diagnosis and common clinical diseases.

Before joining Guangzhou United Family Hospital, Dr. Liu served in the Zibo Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital which was in the first batch of first-class hospitals for women and children in China. She is an expert in prenatal, neonatal, and pediatric ultrasound, as well as gynecology, abdominal, and superficial organ ultrasound.

Dr. Liu has almost 15 years of clinical experience. She completed advanced study in the ultrasound diagnosis of heart disease in children in Beijing Anzhen Hospital in 2013. In addition to specializing in ultrasound diagnosis, she regularly attends national and provincial medical academic conferences. She is a member of the ultrasound branch of the Shandong Doctor’s Association and has participated in the publishing of six papers with one paper receiving a prize for scientific and technological innovation. Her scientific research on breast tumors and the correlating paper has also been published.

Dr. Liu speaks English and Mandarin.

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