Family Medicine

The Department of Family Medicine at United Family Guangzhou Clinic (GZU) can handle all your family medicine needs. Our department consists of a team of health professionals dedicated to keeping you healthy and treating problems if they should arise.

In order to serve our patients better, GZU assigns every patient a primary care doctor. This doctor can be any doctor in our department. Your primary care doctor can care for you as a whole, no matter your health status and can coordinate any other health care needs you have.

If you feel healthy, your doctor can help you maintain your health and prevent disease. If you have not been feeling well, your doctor can work with you to evaluate and treat undiagnosed signs, symptoms, or health concerns. If at any point you need more specialized care, your doctor will call upon an expert you can trust. Your primary care doctor can also help you manage long-term health problems, working alongside specialists when appropriate.

Primary Care Services

The Department of Family Medicine provides many services for your comprehensive healthcare needs including:

  • Adolescent health
  • General health check-ups and prevention
  • Adult check-up packages
  • Well-baby check-ups
  • Well-child check-ups
  • Adolescent check-ups
  • Adult-tailored check-ups
  • Well-woman check-ups
  • Well-man check-ups
  • Health screening
  • Pre-sports check-ups and physicals
  • Pre-conception counseling
  • Travel medicine counseling
  • Vaccine counseling

Additional Services

We also diagnose and treat most medical problems, including ones in the following systems and medical areas:

  • Cardiovascular or heart and blood vessel problems
  • Endocrine or hormone problems
  • Eye, ear, nose, and throat problems
  • Gastroenterology or stomach/digestive, intestinal, and colon problems
  • Genitourinary; or kidney and urinary tract/bladder and genital problems
  • Infections
  • Neurological or nerve-related problems
  • Orthopedic and rheumatological or bone and joint problems
  • Psychiatric problems
  • Respiratory or lung problems
  • Skin problems
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Abscess drainage
  • Biopsy
  • Toenail removal
  • Wart removal

Several others services may not be covered in the above list. Should you have any questions, we urge you to call us at (020) 8710 6000 and ask for our Department of Family Medicine to discuss how we can help you become healthier.