Health Talks

ADHD in Children

Learn how ADHD is diagnosed and treated.This talk includes an ADHD treatment overview, medications for childhood ADHD, behavioral treatments for child..

Yoga Classes in June!

As the director of the Information Center of the German Academic Exchange Service, Sanaz Rassuli is since September 2014 in Guangzhou. At the same tim..

How Do United Family Healthcare’s OB/GYN Services Differ from Local Hospitals’?

Why have so many celebrities chosen UFH for their prenatal check-ups and to deliver their children? What is the difference in OB service when you comp..

How to Treat Diarrhea in Infants and Children

How to find whether your baby has diarrhea? How to treat it and what to feed your baby? Dr. Yangting Zhang will help parents learn how to stop diarrhe..

Preparing for Birth

No matter whether you’re planning a natural vaginal or a C-section birth, you’ll want to know about the stages of labor, relaxation techniques, labo..

Mobility vs Stability: What is the Root Cause of Your Chronic Pain?

There are many causes of chronic orthopedic pain.  More often than not, it is caused by joints and soft tissue either being hypermobile or hypomobile ..

Febrile Seizure in Children

Febrile seizures most commonly occur in children and affect two to ten percent of children before the age of five. Dr. Liu will tell you the preventio..

Fever in Children

Fever in children is usually caused by colds and other viral infections. Learn how to treat them at home and when to call the doctor. Speaker: Dr. ..

Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety disorders affect approximately 20% of children at some time in their development and are the most prevalent of psychiatric conditions among ch..

Emotional Regulation: Letting go of anger, upset, and other uncomfortable reactions

Emotional self-regulation is natural to all animals and gives us the ability to handle our normal stress responses and other feelings in a positive an..