Laboratory Center

The Guangzhou United Family Hospital Laboratory Center consists of the Department of Pathology, the Department of Laboratory Medicine and the Blood Bank, which offers 24-hour service throughout the year. We can perform a wide range of tests, including hematology, immunology, chemistry, microbiology, body fluids, pathology, molecular biology (PCR) and a host of other tests, and are committed to providing accurate and rapid test results.



Our laboratory is equipped with high quality automated equipment. All laboratory staff are professionally certified and have extensive experience working in the laboratory. All our staff members have previous experience working in other large hospitals.

We strictly abide by the domestic and international clinical laboratory regulations and standards. Between 2019 to 2023, we participated in the national inter-laboratory quality assessment and provincial inter-laboratory quality assessments, and all participating programs were excellent. In addition, we received excellent results in the “Guangzhou Laboratory Quality Assessment for HIV Testing” and “Guangzhou Laboratory Quality Assessment for STDs” every year. One member of the department was awarded the first prize in the morphology individual competition of Guangzhou Medical Association Cytomorphology Diagnostic Branch. In December 2020, the department was awarded the Certificate of Qualification of Clinical Gene Amplification Laboratory, i.e., passed the audit of PCR laboratories. In 2021 and 2022, we were the only laboratory in Haizhu District to receive full scores in the “Guangzhou STD Laboratory Quality Assessment” for two consecutive years. During the period of COVID-19, we were appointed by the Japanese Consulate as an outbound nucleic acid service provider. In 2021, the Laboratory Department received zero demerits in the AOC chapter of JCI accreditation.

Our Laboratory Department can perform over 600 tests, and results are available as soon as possible. The following services are available but not limited to:

  • Routine testing of blood and body fluid samples
  • Hematology analysis
  • Routine body fluid analysis
  • Immunoassays
  • Biochemical analysis
  • Microbiological Analysis
  • Toxicology and drug monitoring (outgoing collaborating labs)
  • Histopathology (outgoing collaborating labs)

Our department laboratories participate in the national or provincial inter-laboratory quality assessment proficiency level test evaluation every year, thus ensuring that the test results are consistent with those of other international laboratories. We also maintain contact with other high-level laboratories in Mainland China, which enables us to provide diversified testing services, such as outbound services for toxicology testing, genetic testing, rare diseases, paternity testing, etc., with standardized bilingual reports.

Blood Bank

The Blood Bank was approved for establishment after evaluation by the Guangzhou Blood Center. We have a clinical blood bank for storing fresh blood, thus meeting both general and emergency transfusion needs. All donor blood is screened for infectious diseases before storage to ensure its safety and reliability.

Services available but not limited to:

  • Blood storage and matching
  • Difficult blood typing
  • Neonatal hemolytic disease identification
  • Platelet antibody testing
  • Rare blood group stored autologous transfusion
  • Autologous Blood Recovery Technology
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

We carry out strict preoperative transfusion risk assessment for each patient, and prepare blood for high-risk individuals in advance, and have successfully completed many autologous blood transfusion cases (including stored, isovolumetric dilution, intraoperative recovery). In 2020, we launched the “Daddy’s Blood Donation Program”, which is the third organization in Guangzhou to participate in the program, to ensure safe delivery for mothers. Equipped with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) program, we can provide special bedside PRP service.


We organize two voluntary blood donation activities every year, and rank first in the per capita blood donation rate of private hospitals in Guangzhou. In 2019, we set up the “Rare Blood Group House”, and held the “Public Lecture on Rare Blood Groups” together with the Guangzhou Rare Blood Group Volunteer Association. The Guangzhou Blood Center is very positive about our hospital’s standardized management of our Blood Bank, and speaks very highly about our commitment to actively carrying out autologous blood transfusion, voluntary blood donation activities and rare blood type care activities.


The Department of Pathology can carry out intraoperative rapid freezing, cervical liquid-based thin-layer cytometry (TCT), needle aspiration cytopathology, histopathology (including crude needle aspiration), immunohistochemical staining and special staining, molecular pathology (genetic testing, fluorescence in situ hybridization technology, etc.), tissue microarray, domestic consultation and foreign teleconsultation services.

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