The Laboratory Center in Guangzhou United Family Hospital is made up of a Pathology Lab, Clinical Lab, and Blood Bank. The Laboratory Center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing laboratory services in English and Mandarin to both inpatient and outpatient populations of all ages. We can perform a wide range of tests including hematology, immunology, chemistry, microbiology, body fluids, pathology as well as a series of other tests. We are dedicated to providing accurate, informative, and timely testing.

Our laboratory is equipped with automatic and advanced equipment in an optimal environment. All of our lab employees are professionally licensed and have a wealth of experience working in clinical laboratories. All of our employees have previous experience working in some of the most well-known hospitals in Guangzhou and China. We also maintain communication with other top national laboratories in China to provide our patients with a more comprehensive service, including toxicological testing, genetic testing as well as the diagnosis of rare diseases.

In our laboratory, performance is always under standardized control. We strictly follow domestic and international rules set out for a clinical laboratory. Majority tests undergo national external quality assessment testing in order to ensure that the results are compatible with other international laboratories.

We also have a Blood Bank that stores fresh blood so that it is available for routine as well as emergency cases. All donated blood has been screened for transmitted diseases to ensure safety according to international blood bank standards.


Laboratory Services

Our Central Laboratory offers the following services, including routine tests for blood and body fluid samples including:

  • Hematology analysis
  • Immunology analysis
  • Biochemistry analysis
  • Microbiology analysis
  • Toxicology and TDM (referral)
  • Tissue pathology (referral)
  • Blood Bank services
  • Transfusion
  • Blood donation

Over 600 types of tests

Our Central Laboratory is equipped to perform over 600 kinds of tests and can provide reports in a most efficient manner.

Samples from other clinics

Our laboratory can test samples from other clinics. In order to get you the results in a efficient manner, the reports can be conveniently sent by email. We can also arrange a driver to pick up the specimen from your clinic if needed.

Blood Bank

Fresh blood is stored in the Blood Bank for urgent requirements. All donor blood that is stored will be re-screened for infectious diseases according to international standards to ensure safety. We also cooperate with the Guangzhou Blood Center to organize blood drives in our community to ensure we have a safe blood supply here in Guangzhou.