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UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Yifan ZHAO

Chief Medical Officer & Chair of Anesthesiology | Guangzhou —— Dr. Yifan ZHAOMy first experience in dealing with gunshot wound was during my m..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Cavalry JIAN

Section Chief of Psychiatry | Guangzhou —— Dr. Cavalry JIANPatience and empathy is the key to breaking down the mental barrier and connecting with ..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Kora HUANG

Manager of Laboratory Center | Guangzhou —— Dr. Kora HUANG Like Sherlock Holmes, our pathologists discovered that a patient suffering from insomnia..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Qiuhong HUANG

Section Chief of ENT | Guangzhou —— Dr. Qiuhong HUANGI helped an 81-year-old patient find out the cause of repeated ear inflammation and provided t..

UFH 25 Anniversary Video —— Dr. Wanfei HE

Midwife | Guangzhou —— Dr. Wanfei HE I remained in a kneeling position for 12 minutes to hold a newborn so that it can be safely delivered.

Guangzhou United Family Hospital is Here for You

Dear United Family Community, It has been an extraordinary spring festival. Some of you are still away, some friends have returned and are ready to be..

Dads Bare All for Breastfeeding

It’s well known that breast milk contains various nutrients and immune factors that are most suitable for infant growth which can improve y..

Art of Medicine – Medical English Training 2017

和睦家医学英语培训时间表上线啦! 快融入这独特的西方医患交流环境中吧! 课程费用:500元 (包括午餐、茶点和课程毕业证书) 报名请注明姓名、专业、单位名称和..

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