Dads Bare All for Breastfeeding

It’s well known that breast milk contains various nutrients and immune factors that are most suitable for infant growth which can improve your baby’s resistance. Breastfeeding is the mom’s domain, right? Well, yes, but she needs a network of support to be successful, and her husband is one of the main folks in her life that can help her the most.
Dad’s understanding, encouragement, and support are especially important! Dads should also participate in breastfeeding. 
Although you obviously can’t breastfeed yourself, there are things you can help mommy with such as, adjusting her breastfeeding posture, changing diapers, washing baby’s butt, and generally doing the things that need to be done. Let mommy rest, and understand the efforts of the breastfeeding mother.
For the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week which starts on August 1, 2019, Guangzhou United Family Hospital in cooperation with La Leche League China has invited nine dads to join our special event – Breastfeeding Dads.

Mr. Matt Zhang   Dive Instructor


「My mother breastfeed and brought up our three brothers and sisters. And I believe that it’s breastfeeding which gave us a strong body. So now I also want my son to get the best, and breast milk is the best food for the baby. As a husband, I think it is great support to help my wife with the housework and cooking and let her focus on feeding the baby.」

Mr. Chris Rao     Fund Manager


「My baby was born in Japan. Before the baby was born, my wife took many courses on breastfeeding and new born care. However, it was still difficult to implement in the first month after birth. When the baby was one month old, we came back to China, and we used all kinds of methods to increase breast milk. I also supported and encouraged her all the time. Finally, we succeeded.」

Mr. Leo Zhang   Media Professional


「My eldest son was born in a public hospital and was given formula milk. The second baby was born in Guangzhou United Family Hospital. At first, I wanted to give up because of the lack of milk and the breast obstruction, but the nurse and midwife kept encouraging us and gave guidance and help. From one breast milk per day at the beginning to three breast milk per day now, my wife has enough milk for the baby. Fortunately, we did not give up at that time.」

Mr. Kai Zhou    Policeman


「My wife signed up for this activity as soon as she heard about it. As I’m very busy in my daily work I don’t have much time to give her much help in breastfeeding. Fortunately, MK the midwife in Guangzhou United Family Hospital, saw that my wife was having difficulty in breastfeeding, so she gave her breast-feeding guidance and encouraged her to stick to it. I want to support her breastfeeding, and do all that I can do, so I joined this event.」
 Mr. Shaotang Chen    Director of Medical Company


「As I have many friends who are doctors, I know the importance of breastfeeding, especially colostrum. Now the twins are eating more and more, and sometimes the supply of my wife’s milk is insufficient, but we still insist on breastfeeding, using milk formula as a supplement. In order to help my twins develop better immunity, we will keep on breastfeeding as long as we can.」

Mr. Oy Li    Winter Equipment Store Owner


「My wife is a make up artist and she is very busy. But in order to keep on breastfeeding, she goes to work with a pump and a milk storage bag. As a father of two children, I help to take care of our eldest daughter. I hope my little son can breastfeed as long as possible.」

Mr. Leo Lai   Restaurant Owner


「In order for my wife to nurse better, I will cook some dishes and soup for her by myself. Breastfed children are easier to take care of and are healthier.」

Mr. Justin Lei    Ophthalmologist


「My wife is a nurse and I’m a doctor and we are both loyal supporters of breastfeeding. My daughter breastfeed until she was 20 months.」
Mr.Ray Yuan    Fashion Designer
「My girl is 2 years old now. Since my wife is busy, my baby only breastfed until 8 months old. It’s a pity, but if there was a second chance, we would try our best to keep on breastfeeding, helping the baby to be as tall and strong as me.」
 The pictures really help highlight the importance of a dad’s support in the nursing relationship — and they are definitely “awe” worthy.



Yes, breastfeeding is primarily a moms-only activity, but there is so much that a dad can do to support her and turn it into an act of parenting that both can take part in.