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How orthodontics changed my life

George Hong Tat KANG, United Family Healthcare National Director of Dental Services, Chair of Dentistry, Dental Physician

As children we are filled with hopes and dreams about what our future will be like.  Battling these dreams are insecurities about the way we look, our self-image and how people view us.  I w..

Third culture kids, Cross-Cultural Kids, or Global Nomads

Private: Lani ACKERMAN, Chair of Family Medicine, Family Medicine Physician

Do you have a child who feels more at home in China than your home country? Does your child excel in many ways, but seem to feel insecure? Does she tell you she just “doesn’t belong anywhe..

Guangzhou United Family Hospital is Now Open!

We’re excited to inform you that Guangzhou United Family Hospital opened on August 6th and is offering 24 hour emergency care service. Guangzhou United Family Hospital is strategically loca..

We Need You, Charlie Brown!

Alfred CHAMBERS, Section Chief of Mental Health

After almost 50 years the animated television musical special from 1965, based on the popular Peanuts cartoon strip, A Charlie Brown Christmas, remains an influential cultural icon for milli..

Being OK

Alfred CHAMBERS, Section Chief of Mental Health

If our self-worth is dependent on performing to some outside standard and fulfilling the expectations of others than we will constantly be in danger of crumbling under the unpredictability o..

What’s the Point?

Alfred CHAMBERS, Section Chief of Mental Health

Mencius was a 3rd Century BC Chinese philosopher who lived shortly after Confucius and as I will attempt to show here, had some important messages for our modern day situation. But of course..

Chinese Medicine as Solution for Your Health Problems

Private: Jonathan HANLON, TCM Physician

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the modern use of traditional healing treatments that developed in China over the past 2000 years. TCM is a complete medical system that is based on uni..

“I can’t fix everything”

Kate GAYNOR, General Manager, Family Medicine doctor

I postponed going to medical school for many years, because I feared that practicing as a “Western” physician would not make me happy.  My friends and mentors in medicine were complaining ..

New Year’s Resolutions for 2018

Recognizing that if we want something in our lives to change then we must be the ones to make the change. Unfortunately, wishing and hoping has not ever been proven to initiate weight-loss o..

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