Postpartum Rehabilitation Services

A series of changes in the body’s musculoskeletal and hormone levels will occur after women undergo pregnancy and childbirth. In the early postpartum period, new mothers experience rapid hormonal changes and rapid metabolism adjustments, and usually face problems such as abdominal muscles, pelvic floor muscle deformation and relaxation, loss of physique, low back and heel pain, breast swelling and pain.

United Family Healthcare follows international medical standards and combines scientific Chinese medicine concepts to provide postpartum mothers with a full range of comprehensive medical and recuperation services. Even though this is a joyous time, it is also a period of adjustment and healing for postpartum mothers. Our multidisciplinary professional team has worked hand-in-hand to create a rehabilitation ‘confinement’ program that is both technically and scientifically beneficial for the whole family.

Our Comprehensive Advantages

  • Integrated Service Team

Family medicine physicians, obstetrics and gynecology specialists/midwives, pediatricians, specialist nurses, psychologists, traditional Chinese medicine physicians, dietitians and rehabilitation therapists form a strong comprehensive medical team. Collectively, they provide professional postpartum rehabilitation guidance and deliver timely treatment.

For high-risk pregnant and lying-in women, professional regular nutrition consultations help to ensure the normal development of the fetus and reasonable weight gain, while reducing the risk of other pregnancy complications.


  • Maternal and Child Nurses

Our 24-hour, one-to-one service for every mother and baby ensures that mothers can enjoy a full rest and take care of their newborns under the guidance of professional medical staff. This includes newborn bathing and holding babies gently and securely.

  • A Technically-sound Confinement Program

Our confinement program consists of postpartum rehabilitation and recreational group training as well as regular exercise, yoga and more. Tailor-made individual rehabilitation training plans, with the help of sports equipment and manual therapy, help mothers to train effectively and safely, so as to ensure that they can maintain body shape and lose weight.

  • Scientific Breastfeeding Guidance and Support

Our skilled medical team guides and supports scientific breastfeeding methods, continuing to track, test and advise new mothers along the way. Specialist nurses observe the growth and development of newborns and lactation supply on a daily basis. They also guide maternal and infant nurses to carry out regular breast care and massages.

  • Special Confinement Meals

Our healthy confinement meals are individually checked and assessed by traditional Chinese medicine physicians and clinical dietitians to provide a diverse and balanced diet for postpartum mothers. At the same time, according to the different stages of postpartum women’s body recovery, the concept of Medicine Food Homology (MFH) is followed. Chinese medicinal ingredients are carefully selected to speed up recovery in each phase, with intent to promote uterine contraction, increase postpartum lactation, help muscles and bones recover, promote water discharge, and adjust endocrines.

  • Comfortable and Functional Postpartum Rehabilitation Facilities

Warm, comfortable family-style rest rooms and specially equipped air purification facilities ensure the good health of mothers and babies. In line with strict medical and health standards, our center is equipped with advanced rehabilitation equipment such as a traditional Chinese medicine fumigation cabin, dry temperature effect physiotherapy bed and so on, to help postpartum mothers alleviate various common postpartum problems and improve their health.


Postpartum Rehabilitation Package

United Family Healthcare is pleased to announce the launch of Postpartum Rehabilitation at Guangzhou United Family Hospital. This pioneering service in China combines international-standard postpartum rehabilitation services with traditional Chinese yuezi to create a premium postpartum experience for new families.

For more information, please contact our pregnancy health consultant:+86 188 1982 2916

Or call our 24hr Service Center at 4008-919191.

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