Guangzhou United Family Hospital is Here for You

Dear United Family Community,

It has been an extraordinary spring festival. Some of you are still away, some friends have returned and are ready to begin working within the next week, some returnees because of their travel itineraries are doing their best to enjoy some time at home while awaiting their quarantine period to be over. Many of us here at United Family have never left our posts, or are now back in the saddle.

Many friends in our United Family Community who rely on our services have been asking about the level of preparedness and situation at our hospital. We are asking all patients, visitors and even staff to don a mask and report their travel and contact history at the door. Hospital entry is now limited to the North Gate and the Emergency Department. Everyone who enters has their temperature checked at the door. Patients with no fever may proceed to their appointment. Ill patients with fever will be seen by a doctor in the fever clinic area away from other patients. On our inpatient wards, we are limiting in-patient visitors to one at a time for no more than 30 minutes. Visits from children are discouraged.

Our hospital remains open 24/7 to serve your medical needs. In accordance with the guidance of the Health Bureau it would be wise at this time to postpone elective and routine visits, but if you have a need to see a doctor, please rest assured that the hospital has taken every precaution to ensure safe patient flows. We hope that no one will avoid refilling an essential medication or allow a medical condition to worsen out of concern over coming to the hospital. We will continue to do the utmost to provide a secure environment and safeguard your health. United Family is here for you and your family at this difficult time.

Thank you for your patience with our enhanced infection control procedures. We will keep our valued UFH community informed about changes in the situation. This New Year has gotten off to an unusual start, but we wish the best of health and happiness for your family in the Year of the Rat.

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