Haiying Liu


Chair of Oncology Surgery, Surgeon








Dr. Liu graduated from Hunan Medical University in 1992 with a doctor’s degree in surgery. After graduation, he worked as an associate professor of surgery in the general surgery department of Xiangya Hospital of Hunan Medical University. He has been working in the department of abdominal surgery (gastrointestinal tumor surgery) in the Affiliated Cancer Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University since 1995.

Dr. Liu specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of gastric cancer, cancer of colon, cancer of the liver, peritoneal myxoma, cholangiocarcinoma, cancer of pancreas and so on,especially good at surgery for abdominal oncology. He is good at surgical operations and minimally invasive treatment of liver cancer. He is the first to carry out laparoscopic or small-incision Habib4X resection of liver cancer in China, leading in the number of cases treated and the surgical effect in China.

Dr. Liu has served as the Vice-Chairman of the Committee of the Professional Committee of Colorectal Cancer Surgeons, Chinese Medical Association. Vice-Chairman of the Professional Committee on Colorectal Cancer, Guangdong Cancer Association. Vice-Chairman of the Oncology & General Surgery Branch, Guangzhou Medical Association. Vice-Chairman of the Professional Committee on Cancer Prevention and Rehabilitation, Guangdong Health Management Association

Dr. Liu has also served as the editorial board member or reviewer expert of many national professional magazines. He has published nearly 100 papers in domestic and foreign professional magazines and undertaken a number of projects at various levels, and won two provincial and municipal science and technology achievement awards and two national patents.

Dr. Liu speaks English and Mandarin.