Guorui CHEN








Dr. Chen Guorui graduated from Guangzhou Medical University. He majored in clinical medicine. After successfully obtaining a standardized training certificate, Dr. Chen has vigorously performed his duties as resident physician. He is certified as an attending physician and a skin beauty attending physician. He is skilled in diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, laser beauty, and non-invasive injections for many years. Previously, he worked at the First Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University.

Dr. Chen is familiar with routine diagnosis and treatment in dermatology, and is experienced in facial beauty, laser anti-aging and injection line carving. Clients also visit him to treat skin pigmentation diseases such as freckles, chloasma, sunspots and so on, as well as for treatments for allergic skin diseases, loss of skin volume and facial photo-aging problems. His calm bedside manner, comprehensive techniques and wide-ranging treatment solutions has made him a favorite amongst his clients, who seek his services to improve their skin, reduce aging and achieve their facial rejuvenation needs.

Dr. Chen has served in many professional academic organizations, such as a member of the Facial Rejuvenation Committee of the China Plastic Surgery Association and a member of the Asian Hair Association.

Dr. Chen speaks Mandarin.