FU Xiaoyan


otolaryngologist, Associate Chief Physician




ENT Clinic




Dr. Fu Xiaoyan graduated from Guangzhou Medical University with a Master’s degree in Medicine in 2008. She is currently studying for a PhD in Southern Medical University. She has been working in the top three public universities in China for 20 years (formerly the General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region).

She is highly skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of common and difficult cases in the department of otolaryngology, especially nasal diseases such as chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, deviation of nasal septum, refractory epistaxis, sinusitis, nasal polyp, inverted papilloma, etc. So far, Dr. Fu has independently completed more than 2,000 nasal endoscopic surgeries.

She can also treat snoring in children and adults, hypertrophy of tonsils and adenoids in children, and can carry out comprehensive treatment of snoring in adults. She is highly sought after by patients for her ability to treat deafness (acute and chronic otitis media), tinnitus, vertigo and radiation otitis media after radiotherapy and chemotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer, and vocal disorders (vocal cord bars, vocal cord polyps, T1-2 laryngeal cancer).

In addition, Dr. Fu has made several notable achievements in clinical scientific research. Currently, she is the first author of SCI1, and has participated in writing 4 papers and 9 domestic core journals. The master’s and doctoral studies focus on snoring in children and adults.

Dr. Fu Xiaoyan currently holds several academic posts at the Youth Committee of Otologists Branch in the China Healthcare International Exchange Promotion Association. She is a valued member of the Vertigo Rehabilitation Professional Committee, in the Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Branch of Guangdong Rehabilitation Medical Association.

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