Xiaoling Nie


TCM Physician


Bachelor of medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine




Dr. Nie graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014, majoring in TCM clinical medicine, and then worked in Zhuhai Hospital affiliated to Southern Medical University, and completed the standardized training of residents and obtained the standardized training qualification certificate. Later, Dr. Nie was responsible for providing Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment to the ambassadors and diplomats of Canada, the United Kingdom, Greece, Israel and many other countries in Beijing, which is very effective and well received. Dr. Nie has been interviewed by the Global Times.

Before joining Guangzhou United Family Hospital, Dr. Nie worked in Zhuhai Hospital Affiliated to Southern Medical University and Beijing Sanlitun International Community Service Center for common diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, rhinitis, and pharyngitis Irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, dysmenorrhea, asthenia, fever, dizziness, insomnia, hypertension, hyperhidrosis in internal medicine, orthopedics, and gynecology. are quite accomplished, especially good at acupuncture treatment of neck, shoulder, back and leg pain, facial paralysis and other diseases such as lumbar intervertebral disc Herniation, knee arthritis, cervical spondylosis, stroke hemiplegia, etc. 90% of the pain is effective in one session of treatment, in 5~7 sessions are obviously relieved, acupuncture is also quite good for weight loss. In 2015,Dr. Nie went to the Rehabilitation Department of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital for advanced studies, received standardized rehabilitation medicine training and obtained a standardized rehabilitation medicine training certificate.

Dr. Nie is also a member of the Clinical Research Professional Committee of Ancient Classics and Famous Formulas of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, and a distinguished lecturer of Guangdong Food and Drug Vocational College

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