Positive Parenting

It seems automatic, and seldom questioned, that parents disciplining tactics are centered on pointing out the “mistakes” that children make and then telling the child what is “right” and what to do different. But this common process of parent child interaction is poor at changing behavior or instilling confidence in the child. Parents need to understand that what they believe is “right” for their children is very biased and a matter of opinion, so everyone needs to slow down and not take themselves and their ideas of the truth so seriously. If you have a thought of what you would like for your children, that’s great, but if they have a different style and do not “fit” your expectation, that is to appreciated, not punished. It is an opportunity for learning – for everybody.

By showing and reinforcing alternatives and not focusing on the mistake or problem you can instill a willingness to change and the confidence that children need to deal with life. If your little one spills her milk, no need to be upset or criticize, simply point out an alternative (such as filling the glass half full) with a smile! Then let it go. This positive process of parenting can fit into any situation – discuss alternatives and then support new outcomes. This is how children become more confident and autonomous!

This talk will introduce new information, skills and insight for parents to allow their children to flourish, and to make parenting a rewarding and pleasurable process, not a struggle.

Speaker: Dr. Alfred Chambers   Psychologist

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Language: English with Chinese translation

Free of charge

Venue: 2F, United Family Guangzhou Clinic

RSVP: Please send your name and the number of attendees by email to

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