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Dr. Sandro received his dental medical degree from FCS-UFP University (Oporto, Portugal) in 2005, and was later awarded a Diploma in Operative and Aesthetic Dentistry in 2007 from Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain) and ISCS-EM University (Lisbon, Portugal). Later in 2009, he received another Postgraduate Certificate in Implant Dentistry from Warwick University Medical School (Coventry, UK) and General Implant Forum & Training (Rodney Street, Liverpool and Harley Street, London centers). In 2012, he received honors with his Master of Sciences in Restorative Dentistry from Sheffield University Dental School (Sheffield, UK) and ISCS-EM University (Lisbon, Portugal).

From 2009 to 2012, Dr. Sandro received an Honorary Clinical Fellow Membership from Charles Clifford Dental School (Sheffield, England). This position permitted him to see patients in the dental ward and work as a Clinical Tutor amongst British and international undergraduate dental students. Dentist expert in Family Dentistry, Dental Cosmetics, Oral Rehabilitation and Dental Implants.

Dr. Sandro has over 13 years of clinical experience. Before joining Guangzhou United Family Hospital, Dr. Sandro worked for 8 years in both public and private dental clinics in Great Britain. And for the past 6 years he has worked and collaborated with dental hospitals in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. Throughout the years, Dr. Sandro also became experienced in academic and dental technology research, being involved in the development and writing of research projects, drafts, and published evidence literature.

Dr. Sandro is board certified by the British General Dental Council and Portuguese Dental Association. In 2018, he was awarded with a Master of Sciences in International Health Management and Leadership diploma (MSc IHML).

Dr. Sandro speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish and Mandarin.

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