ENT Clinic

The Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic (ENT) in Guangzhou United Family Hospital (GZU) provides integrated and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for problems of the ear, nose, and throat, including surgery if necessary. Our ENT professionals are trained to successfully treat children as well as adults. Throughout the UFH network, we have built a reputation for supplying outstanding professional medical services to our patients.

ENT specialists treat a wide range of conditions, including adult secretory otitis media(SOM), rhinitis, nasosinusitis, esophagitis, deafness, snoring as well as adenoid and tonsil disease in children, pediatric snoring, assessment of hearing impairment in children, sinusitis in children, allergic rhinitis in children, child secretory otitis media(SOM). In addition, we deal with common problems such as trauma and bleeding.

Sleep apnea (snoring) evaluations can be conducted and a variety of otorhinolaryngological endoscopic examinations and endoscopic treatments are available in the clinic, including the treatment of external otorhinolaryngological mycosis and the removal of foreign bodies in various parts of the ear, nose, and throat.

Inpatient treatment mainly includes tympanostomy repair for patients with chronic and suppurative otitis media with tympanostomy perforation, middle ear catheterization for patients with secretory otitis media, minimally invasive surgical resection for children with adenoid tonsillar hypertrophy. In addition, surgical types include anterior auricular fistula resection and correction of nasal septum deviation, maxillary sinus opening, and partial inferior turbinectomy, among others.

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