Obstetrics is an important part of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Guangzhou United Family Hospital. With our caring and patient-centered service philosophy, our obstetrics team provides one-stop, high-quality medical services and care to meet your different needs.

An experienced, international team of gynecologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, anesthesiologists, midwives and nurses can address the many aspects of obstetrics care in a welcoming environment, without the hassle of going abroad. Our senior doctors can deal with severe obstetric complications or complications with superb technology and rich experience, and deal with many complex diseases such as placenta previa, placenta implantation, pregnancy complications with gynecological tumors. In case of an emergency, our hospital’s 24 hours a day, on standby doctors can also provide emergency services at any time. Our hospital outpatient and ward are equipped with advanced equipment, and our integrated delivery room can meet your various needs.

Regardless of nationality, language and cultural background, you and your family will be comfortably and safely cared for at Guangzhou United Family Hospital.

Obstetrics Services

We offer a full range of obstetric services and comprehensive prenatal and postnatal care, including but not limited to:

  • Prenatal classes include pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and neonatal care
  • High standard delivery room for pre-delivery, delivery and postpartum recovery (LDRP)
  • Prenatal examination in line with international standards and norms
  • Natural childbirth, free position delivery service
  • Natural childbirth after cesarean section (VBAC)
  • Cesarean delivery
  • Nutrition clinic
  • Breastfeeding guidance service clinic
  • Prenatal anesthesia clinic and various labor analgesia methods

Obstetrics Advantages

  • Rare blood type storage autologous blood transfusion, autologous blood recovery technology
  • The hospital has its own independent blood bank, and the emergency of clinical blood use is guaranteed
  • Prenatal examinations are performed by a senior doctor, with sufficient time for individualized high-risk pregnancy guidance
  • Interdisciplinary medical comprehensive services to solve difficult and complicated diseases of pregnant women
  • Natural childbirth and cesarean section (VBAC) success rates are very high
  • 24-hour labor analgesia service, and full anesthesiologist care and adherence to international standards
  • Professional cesarean section care, with small wound and cosmetic sutures to minimize pain and scar hyperplasia
  • One-to-one intrapartum midwife care, doctor and midwife co-delivery
  • International breastfeeding professional guidance
  • Strong pediatric team to protect neonatal health
  • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and 24-hour emergency protection
  • Purple code warning process, to deal with critical situations in the production process

From prenatal examination to delivery as well as postpartum rehabilitation services, United Family Healthcare is here to always guard and care for you, 24/7.

Prenatal Anesthesia Clinic

For mothers to enjoy a more painless, safe and comfortable delivery, Guangzhou United Family Hospital has a prenatal anesthesia clinic so that mothers can understand and consider whether they need labor analgesia, and whether their physical conditions are suitable for labor analgesia.

Anesthesiologists seek to understand your physical condition in advance by speaking to you about your related medical history, surgical condition, surgical anesthesia history, allergy history and drug administration history.

You can consult and understand the relevant situation of labor analgesia in advance, and be fully prepared psychologically, which can effectively alleviate the tension and anxiety before anesthesia, and is conducive to improving the safety of labor analgesia.

Midwife Clinic

A midwife is a nurse who delivers and cares for mothers independently. They are familiar with every change in the course of labor, and deal with various situations of labor mutation. Therefore, the technical level and operation ability of midwives are related to the safety of mothers and infants. A midwife who has worked for many years has no less experience than a gynecologist and is a great partner in the true sense of maternity care. In developed countries, midwifery services are female-centered, emphasizing that midwives should provide continuous professional medical services to mothers, thereby increasing the natural birth rate, reducing the length of hospital stay during pregnancy, reducing drug analgesia and intrapartum anesthesia, reducing the rate of episiotomy, reducing the rate of neonatal resuscitation, and also increasing maternal satisfaction with the delivery process.

In order to provide more detailed and intimate maternal services for expectant mothers, Guangzhou United Family Hospital has a midwife clinic. Experienced midwives will provide face-to-face guidance about comprehensive, individualized pregnancy and postpartum care to help you eliminate prenatal tension.

Consulting Projects Include:

  1. Pregnancy care and preparation before delivery
  2. Humanized labor support
  3. Effective ways to relieve pain
  4. Helping to plan childbirth
  5. Postpartum nursing consultation
  6. Breastfeeding guidance

Nutrition Clinic

To strengthen nutritional management so as to ensure the safety of mothers and infants during pregnancy and childbirth, the obstetrics department of our hospital has a nutrition clinic. The aim of the clinic is to help pregnant mothers eat a reasonable diet, scientifically control weight during pregnancy, and prevent and reduce the occurrence of nutritional and metabolic diseases during pregnancy. Nutritional evaluation and intervention are carried out regularly for pregnant mothers with nutritional risks during pregnancy, and individualized nutritional monitoring and suggestions are provided.

If you have the following signs or situations, please make an appointment to see our nutritional experts:

  1. Pre-pregnancy BMI > 24.0 (overweight and obesity)
  2. Pregnant mothers who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) or diagnosed with GDM in this pregnancy
  3. Hyperemesis gravidarum or early pregnancy weight loss > 5 % (such as 50 kg before pregnancy, weight loss of more than 2.5 kg in 3 months)
  4. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy (early pregnancy > 2kg; the average weekly weight in the second trimester was more than 1kg; late pregnancy average weekly > 2kg)
  5. Questions about diet during lactation
  6. Guests who need postpartum weight management (and also about our weight management clinic)

Breastfeeding Clinic

Breast milk is the best food for babies. We know that breastfeeding is not easy. While promoting the benefits of breastfeeding, it is more important to give professional and meticulous guidance to mothers who want to breastfeed, encourage and support them to master appropriate methods and skills, so make breastfeeding as easy as possible.

Guangzhou United Family Hospital has a breastfeeding clinic, where experienced breast milk consultants provide you with comprehensive, individualized breastfeeding guidance.

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